tru Shop-by-Payment now availabe on the KEMBA Member Auto Center

Kemba members can now experience an online shopping experience that not only engages the consumer, but Inspires a Purchase.

We’re very pleased to introduce tru Shop-by-Payment™ as a member benefit to our more than 100,000 members. truPayments® is a welcomed addition to our Member Auto Center which gives our members everything they need to find the right car at an affordable monthly payment.

Dennis Wander

Dealer Relations Manager, Kemba Credit Union

Shop-by-PaymentTM allow consumers to shop for their vehicle and financing together across all the dealer’s inventory and finance programs simultaneously. The customized shopping experience begins not with selecting a vehicle, but with personalization. Each customer journey is uniquely built around their preferences, financial profile.

Wow! That’s how Credit Union members feel when they experience tru Shop-by-Payment™. They can discover a vehicle they didn’t know they could afford or a payment they didn’t know they could get. They feel in control and empowered. They can comparison shop financing and inventory simultaneously in a way that is personalized and puts them behind the wheel, so they feel confident moving forward with the purchase process. tru Shop-by-Payment™ gives you the power to connect customers to your inventory in unique way that truly Inspire a Purchase™.

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Are you ready to own your market by giving consumers the tru Shop-by-Payment™ experience? Are you ready to provide your sales team with more deals in less time, meaning more profit for you? Complete the form or give us a call, and we’ll get you started with a demo.

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