NADA is forecasting a drop in auto sales for 2019, attributed to higher interest rates and rising vehicle prices.

Add to that:

  • Brand loyalty is at an all-time low
  • Sales promotions only drive 18% to purchase*
  • Consumers are keeping their cars longer (avg. 11.5 years)*
  • OEM online pricing quoting restrictions (MAP)
  • Crowded marketing channels and messaging 

What’s your plan to make your sales goals this year? Let me share how breaking from traditional marketing strategies will generate more in-market buyers.

“Using old marketing ideas will, at best, get you the same market share % as before, but your overall sales will decline in-step with the industry downturn.”

Current Marketing Model

Using old marketing ideas will, at best, get you the same market share % as before, but your overall sales will decline in-step with the industry downturn. Here’s why …. Most dealers and agencies focus their marketing efforts around ZMOT, or the ‘Zero Moment of Truth’. This is where in-market consumers do most of their vehicle research and comparisons.

Marketing Stimulus Step

What if we focused more on the ‘Stimulus’ step? The ‘Stimulus’ step is what generates interest and drives consumers into the market. In automotive marketing, the ‘Stimulus’ step is primarily done at the Tier 1 & Tier 2 level where dealers have very little input or individuality. For example, “See your local dealer”.

Dipping your marketing toe into the ‘Stimulus’ step can have a huge payoff and incredible ROI.

There are also a host of benefits:

  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Build your own brand
  • Spend less marketing $$$
  • Accelerate the path to purchase
  • Positive impact on your sales culture
  • Create a better consumer experience
  • Enhance your dealer’s perception

How to Stand Out

Marketing in the ‘Stimulus’ step requires you to have a message that stands out or “stimulates” a potential buyer. The best place for this is BEFORE they reach your website.  Social media CTAs tend to have the best conversions.

So what kinds of messaging would get someone’s attention and Inspire a Purchase™?

  • Curiosity
  • Wow! Factor
  • Humor
  • Surprise
  • Problem Solving
  • Learning Experience
  • Recognized Value

See the WOW! Factor.

tru Shop-by-Payment™ hits the mark on a stimulating marketing message and CTAs that produce in-market buyers!
It’s a one-to-one personalized shopping experience, which connects the right personalized inventory and financing options to each customer based on their unique preferences and profile (including real credit).

tru Shop-by-Payment™ combines the ‘Stimulus’ & ZMOT steps to accelerate a sale and bypassing all the traditional marketing noise.

Dealers and agencies who step outside the normal marketing trends and reach shoppers with a different message that Inspire a Purchase™, will see increased sales and market share %.

Learn more about tru Shop-by-Payment.

* Freckle US Automotive Footfall Report Q4 2018

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